Be proud
of your fresh web

We always have fresh ideas and limitless energy. We take care of our clients and treat them with respect. We all work with a positive attitude. We are not idealists, but we still dream. Because we believe that the window to fantasy has to always be open.

Where will we begin?

We will cooperate with you on your project. We will help to improve your idea. We will complete each other. With all our best ideas the final product will be worth it.

Bezchybne fungujúce webové stránky

'Swiss watch'

Website has to be beautiful both on the inside and out. It is our motto. We like honest work. That's why we go deep and don't rush results.

Zákazník je náš kamarát a nesmierne si ho vážime

We like
friendly attitude

We do not employ robots. We are humans and you can count on us. Friendly and healthy communication is base for a quality end a result. We respect you opinion, but we will also tell you what we think.

Jedinečný web, na ktorý budete právom pyšný

No kitsch.
Your website will be the best.

We do not just create a website. Our aim is to understand your needs and requirements, understand your clients and deliver product, which will bring you measurable results. We create functional websites with added value you can use to resolve your client's problems.

Ku kvalitnému webu patria vždy najnovšie technológie, preto ich používame

We use
the latest technologies

We only use the latest technologies – modern frameworks, procedures and systems. We do our best to improve ourselves in our field of work and keep in good form. We take following latest trends and improving our levels of technology as an entertaining part of our job.


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Who are we…

We are full service digital agency focused on creating websites, e-shops, online advertisement and branding. We've worked on over 100 projects (websites, e-shops) and countless of small jobs in the field of online advertisement and design.

Since 2009 we work as a functional team motivated to achieve the best results. This is what drives us. We do not work for work's sake, we work to express ourselves. We enjoy all our projects so we put all our love and quality in them.

Tím Fresh idea - mladí kreatívni ľudia, ktorí milujú svoju prácu