We know it, it looks
great inside out.

We can offer two more products. Why separately?
Because we are ninjas and other agencies want to work with us.

Kódovanie HTML/CSS/jQuery responzívnych šablón z psd Photoshopu


We can convert graphics from Photoshop HTML/CSS/jQuery. We only work with the most modern technologies – SASS, Compass, modular architecture for CSS. Our webs are beautiful from the outside and from the inside. We pay attention to responsive web design. We test all our webs on multiple devices and screen sizes, mobile devices and various operating systems and browsers.

Očarujúca a fungujúca grafika

Graphic design

We know that you don't sell design, but prducts. Despite that we believe that web or e-shop design, the new logo or the whole company's identity can help to build your image. Visually attractive solutions have huge power to inspire, astonish, surprise or amuse. Graphical design is what connects client with your product. Functionality is a foundation for the web, but beauty can't be ignored.